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Mac OS X 10.5 required;
Intel processor recommended.

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XTabulator is a tabular data file editor for Mac OS X. With XTabulator, you can edit, manipulate, massage, slice, and dice comma-separated (CSV), tab-separated (TAB), or anything-separated files quickly and easily.

Why use bulky, dumb, or just-plain-wrong tools to manipulate or reformat tabular data files? XTabulator is more than just a "CSV editor for the Mac". This powerful tool's speed and intuitive features let you get the task done in a fraction of the time with any delimited data files.

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Handles Any Delimited File Format

XTabulator instantly opens comma-separated (.csv) and tab-separated (.tab) value files. If you have any other type of file (or CSV/TAB with a different extension), you need only tell XTabulator what character is used as the separator.

Opening files of unknown type

Smart Encoding & Line Ending Handling

When opening files, XTabulator automatically detects both the character encoding and the line endings used in the file. Changing either of these is easy: just select the new encoding or line ending and save.

Changing line the line endings

Moving Data Around is Easy

Copy and paste rows within or between documents. Craft entirely new data sets using data from disparate data sets. Open a document, select some interesting rows, then create a new document from those rows (complete with headers) with a single mouse click.

Creating New Documents with Selected Rows

Respect Thy Headers

Data files often contain header rows. XTabulator respects and preserves your headers. Simply designate the desired row as the header row and that information is used where appropriate. Upon save, export, or even copying and pasting columns, headers are first-class citizens in your data set. Even better, each column's header is easily edited: just double-click.

Editing a Header

Intuitive Column-Level Actions

Columns are easily manipulated by the Column Action button in addition to the menu and toolbar. Sort, re-sort, clear, or auto-fill columns with text or sequential numbers with just a few clicks. Grab the column header and drag to reposition the column.

Using the Column Action Button

Simple Sensible Search

Searching your data is quick and simple. Your results are not filtered, but revealed in context to allow easy drag-and-drop reordering if desired. Further, your matches are instantly selected, and can be easily navigated using the search results navigation controls. Finally, to easily pick out your matching rows in a large, scrolling list, non-matching rows can be lightly faded.


Elegant Export

Easily export to XML, an HTML table, or a SQLite 3 database. When possible, XTabulator will use your headers. For example, headers will be the field names in a SQLite database table, and the header row of an HTML table.

Exporting a File

Easily Convert Between Formats

It is drop-dead easy to convert between CSV and TAB formats (in either direction). You can also easily convert "anything-else-separated" files to CSV or TAB. Simply choose "Save As..." from the "File" menu and select the desired format, then save.


XTabulator is instantaneous when opening moderate-sized files, and quite fast with large files. Performance depends on many factors, however. These factors include, of course, the memory and speed of your computer, the number of columns and rows in your document, as well as the length of text in each field. As a general idea, a 50 MB file opens on a mid-2008 Aluminum MacBook in seconds. Saving is far faster and editing is instantaneous with such a file.

Try it Free

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XTabulator is completely free to try with some limitations:

  • Upon saving or exporting a file, a row containing "XTabulator is Unregistered" will be added to the file (you will be asked to confirm this before the file is saved or exported).
  • You will be reminded every twenty minutes of use that the application is unregistered.

These limitations can be removed by purchasing a license and registering. This allows anybody to try XTabulator as long as they like, completely free.

Looking for Version 1?

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XTabulator 1 Icon

If you have purchased XTabulator 1 and need to re-download it, it is available here.

Please note: XTabulator version 1 is no longer offered for sale. It is only available for download to allow existing customers access to their purchase. No exceptions will be made.