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Out To Pasture

Attention: As of March of 2019, CopyWrite is considered end-of-life and is no longer offered for sale. The above download link will work for existing customers. Please also note that, as an older 32-bit application, it will no longer launch on macOS 10.15, which requires 64-bit-only applications. Bartas would like to thank its customers for nearly two decades of loyalty and love.

Need Your Data?

Bartas understands many users will have old projects to which they'll need access after Apple refuses to launch older 32-bit applications. If you can no longer launch CopyWrite on your Mac or you'd just like a quick and easy way to find and export all CopyWrite projects on your Mac, Bartas has a surprise for you: the CopyWrite Exporter app. Just download the zip file, unzip it, then launch the app. It will immediately search your Mac (via Spotlight) for all available CopyWrite projects and list them. Select a project and click Export, choose a folder, and all your documents, and notes (including project-wide notes) will be exported. Even document "versions" you've saved!